Romance is dead?

A friend of mine got flowers from a guy who is currently halfway around the world yesterday.

And who said romance is dead.. Well if we have to rely on men who live halfway round the world I would say yes sir it’s long gone.

Maybe it’s this age, apparently at 20years old the ‘boys’ so to speak, run as fast as they can from any kind of relationship, instead clinging to random ‘hookups’ and friends of the beneficial kind. But what about all the happy couples I know (age – 20)… Bit of a contridiction there.

Maybe its New Zealand’s casual ‘fall into a relationship’ kind of culture… Have a pash, hang out a bit, text up a storm and bam.

What ever happened to boy-meets-girl, boy-and-girl-flirt, boy-asks-out-girl? Girls like being asked out, they like flowers, they like romance, they like their men to be MEN! Somehow this ideal got lost along the way and now us poor girls are stuck in a world of facebook/email/casual flings.

Someone please send me back to the 50’s. Haha

Ciao kids.



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