Friends & Love & Change

“People change and forget to tell each other.” ~ Lillian Hellman

This kinda had me thinking about how people change all the time, we’re constantly growing up/different/away from the people close to us and obviously our relationships change as well. In a perfect world we’d grow up and the relationship would change and evolve with us, in a positive way but that really isn’t the case.

It also depends on what kind of relationship you have as to if and how you tell them or if you just let yourselves drift. I have friends who live pretty far away and despite that have continued the friendship for over a decade, we always found that distance was never a problem; when we did get together it was as if nothing had changed. But eventually we finished high school and I went to university and she didn’t.

Not saying that makes me better than her, just different, university changes you a lot as a person, you find yourself concerned with a lot of issues and concepts you never would of thought about if you hadn’t gone. So I guess I find that we just don’t have as much in common any more. Is this a valid reason to ‘dump’ her as a friend? Probably not. We both have other lives from each other and not seeing each other as much isn’t going to hurt the other person as much as actively ‘ending’ the friendship.

A romantic relationship is totally different though, if you’re the one who has changed and you’ve grown too far away from the other person you have a duty to your partner to try and explain to them and grow your relationship or make a decision, people can sense change and when they do, ignoring the situation can hurt much worse in the long term, for both people. Time spent dragged out in limbo is not constructive, its frustrating and uncertain. I’ve looked back on time like this and thought about how much quicker I could have got on with my life if I hadn’t been strung along for months.

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both.”

So thats all I currently have to say on this topic.

Hope its insightful. Sure organized my thoughts.

P.S The picture I chose is a heart nebula in space. You’ll probably learn more about my space fascination in future postings. If you wanna learn about it go here:

Ciao kids.



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