I seem to have an amazing ability to ignore my work all week – “oh it’ll be sweet as”, drink copious amounts of alcohol, spend a couple of days hung AS doing nothing at all and when Sunday rocks around and everything’s due tomorrow I’m still not doing it haha, this particular Sunday* I got my hands on The Secret. I’m pretty sceptical but totally willing to give it a go, Laws of attraction etc etc.

I’m gonna attract some positive shizz my way. Its been needed. A lot. I feel like there’s been a lack of direction, not just for uni but other stuff too.

* I drafted this yesterday and in true procrastination style left it till tomorrow (today – Monday)  haha, but my head really wasn’t in the zone for organised writing yesterday.

Anyway, law of attraction. Lets just say if this actually works you’ll be reading about what I want (when I get it) on here at some stage in the future.

The Secret… I really do think a lot of it is because if you think in a ‘glass half full’ kinda way, of course your going to be more motivated to get the things you want because you actually believe you can get them, I think it’s about actively doing something to get what you want, not attracting things by thoughts.

But I’ll try it and see what happens =]

No truly deep thoughts today but we can’t always be lost in thought all the time. I’m sure they’ll return.

In regards to my earlier post “Romance is dead?” – I take it back… kinda. Haha got flowers today (from halfway round the world 😀 ) and they are gorgeous. Here’s a photo kiddies. Just in case you didn’t see enough of them on faceybook, and if anyone random actually reads this haha.

Ciao kids!



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