8 months into 2010…

Yes this is the second post in one day. Seems I have lots to say.

So far this year I have managed to attract a whole bunch of weirdos and a whole bunch of boys-who-are-friends. Now, all the weirdos get ditched pretty damm quickly as they should, and most of the boys-who-are-friends are gladly kept that way ( my bros, know who they are).

BUT, there are those who sit in an ambiguous on the fence kind of state,  saying flirty things and doing cute things and being my friend at the same time!

Squirrel sitting on the fence, frustrating the heck out of all the babe girl squirrels

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a straight up kinda girl and while this is fun and all, for me, it is not sustainable because I will get frustrated too quickly at not knowing what is going on.

I like to know where I stand. Especially with the ambiguous fence sitting flirty friends. Especially when you like one.

Even though I do take pride on being straight up, kick ass, and a 21st century girl, I do not like telling people (boys/’young men’)  how I feel. Most probably this is silly and has caused me to miss out on lots of things, but hey I try my best to send the signal…

I guess the main fear is that things will be weird and I will be worse off than before and it shall be bye bye friend hello awkward.

Any advice would be gladly considered.



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