New band love, Marmite thieves & back to black.

New Band LOVE

I love love love new music, but of all the bands people introduce me too, very few gain actual ‘love’.

Yesterday one made the cut. Phoenix! I love them! And first chance I get, I’m gonna learn band history, but for now (as I have a life and do not spend endless hours at home with nothing to do 😉 ) though enjoy THIS:

The Marmite Thief

Marmite is my fave to have on toast (cold toast –  but that’s another yarn) it is so so yummy! Vegemite is only eaten in desperate desperate times.

But I have suspicions someone is stealing my marmite! Oh noes. Either that or I’m overly paranoid and not paying attention to how much of it I’m eating… But it’s more fun to blame a thief!

So how to figure out if the precious black stuff is being stolen or I’m crazy?! Suggestions?

My precious!

Back to BLACK

The reign of PURPLE is now well and truly over THANK GOD. Every freaking time I work I must must find the hideous purple shirt to wear. And it is not my colour!

But now it’s over, and we can go back to wearing lovely, easy-to-put-outfit-together BLACK. 🙂

Until we get a new season colour to wear…  Ha ha ha.



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