So I did say a post on space was coming at some stage…

Here it is.

I love space, it totally fascinates me and the more I think about it the more it blows my mind and puts everything in perspective. I just watched a documentary on Nat geo about shit that can go on in the universe like black holes and colliding galaxies and totally screw up our planet, and its freaking scary to think about! Most people will go through life not ever thinking about how lucky they are and how easily life can be snatched away by something they never even contemplate.

All our day to day dramas and trivial crap meanings nothing in the grand scheme of things to the Universe. It just totally goes about it’s business and space is changing all the time. Planets crash into each other and stars explode, why should we be so self centred to think our planet won’t ever be affected by any of this. Coz one day it will.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want earth to cease existing, it would pretty much suck. But my point is that however important we think we are, our little planet is very insignificant to Big Wide Open Space.

My mind is officially too blown to keep writing haha.

P.S. So wish I didn’t live in light polluted town right now, coz I’d so be climbing on ze roof to look at the stars.



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