Too much life…

Sorry sorry, I have been ignoring this lately.

1 –  Because I’m actually pretty happy and have nothing to whine about, although this shouldn’t really be based on stuff that makes me mad, so that’s not so good.

And I also have had a life. Although here I classify ‘life’ as working four days in a row ( a lot for a lazy student such as myself ) and then being far too tired to do anything once I get home.

Even coffee can't save me now

Anyway… Stuff thats new:

Apart from working my little butt off too earn lots of monies I am pretty certain I set a new record for number of tim tams eaten at one time. They are so so so good and I have absolutely no self control. At all.

I also got it through my thick skull that a certain non weirdo cutesy boy likes me. Hah I realise it took me a while to figure out.

Paid a visit to my lovely minxy friend last night, she has a new home! And her new house mates invited me for dinnnnner. So cute. And seeing as I’m gonna be living off noodles for four days, how could I resist free yum homecooked food =]

I can tell already we are going to be mateys.

I tend to get very frustrated with this as the only time I think of excellent stuff to write is when I’m half asleep or busy driving. I need a notebook, and a better memory.

More later.



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