Facebook & Happiness (unrelated)

So looks like there is something to be said for advertising on facebook…

Big spike

Happiness – As I said.. unrelated to facebook, unless you’re an absolute addict and it’s like crack.

What makes people happy? I’ve been trying to figure out what will make me happy and it seems like an idea ( don’t know if it’s good or not ) to look at what other people love doing with their lives.

So far I have decided that we’re all here for a purpose and finding what you love/want to focus your life on will then (hopefully) lead to some kind of satisfaction with yourself and the world around you.

I try really hard to not judge people who do things differently to me…. Just because PR and university will (fingers crossed) lead to my eventual happiness doesn’t mean that that is the absolute way for everyone. I have friends who find their focus to be family + children. I am pretty much certain this won’t be for me for at least another 10 years MINIMUM, but its what brings other people happiness in their life so who am I to judge and say that’s wrong?

I guess I know right now that uni is the right place to be, but what happens after that? Where do I go and what do I do? Do I do things for other people or do things for me? What comes first and what can wait? What do I THINK can wait but will it actually? It is kind of tiring to think about right now but I really hate not having a ‘plan’.

What makes you happy?



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