Stuff that can kiss my ass

Work. Can kiss my ass. This is a total whine, again. But really. I absolutely LOVE it when I do favours for people, and you ask them ONE thing. And it’s oh nah “I’m a lazy cow and can’t be bothered getting your back anymore” (dripping in sarcasm kids). Yup well screw you then lovey. You have now officially pissed me off and it’s not pretty.

Flatmates can kiss my ass! Stop being lazy. When you don’t do stuff we all secretly talk about you behind your back.

UNI can kiss my ass! It would be nice once and awhile if your tutors and lecturers actually spoke to one another and you got the right info.. We pay you enough freaking money, DO your job!

People at uni can kiss my ass. I dislike group work. Sometimes my fellow kiwis ‘she’ll be right’ is not the right attitude to have.

It WON’T be alright unless you actually do the work.

And you all wonder why I drink…. Haha

There. I feel better now. =]

And I don’t hate everyone, just so ya know…



3 thoughts on “Stuff that can kiss my ass

  1. Im sure you still love me chipmunk. Least you’re not caught up in awkward conversation with you-know-who. Loving the blog as usual. love love love

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