Useless medical profession

Waikato Uni + free doctors = bad times for students. As everyone probably knows well, students aren’t the healthiest of creatures, what with not being able to afford decent food and also being super lazy and not being bothered to cook

Anyway, when we get sick, which happens a fair bit, lacking vitamins and nutrients blah blah blah, you would expect the doctors to HELP you and not freak you out by confirming to you that they are in fact useless and don’t know what’s wrong with you. If you’re like me, all this will do is stress you out and send you to google (not good when you’re trying not to stress about the ‘medical professionals‘ not knowing what’s wrong.)

Google is a horrible place. I’m pretty certain they only upload the pictures of worst case scenarios. This will ensure a terrible freak out that usually includes tears and stress and statements like “my life is over”.

Thinking like an optimist again… life is not actually over. It will get sorted and stressing is only going to make it worse.

My advice –  Just go to the doctor. Stay away from internet and other peoples horror stories…whoops I mean experiences…It won’t do you any good



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