Busy busy bee (or chipmunk)

So turns out the best way to sleep at night and not be a sad chipmunk is to make sure you are really really busy all the time.

Luckily I do have several things to keep me busy like a worker bee

UNI – Currently counting down the days to my groups event for my Events Management class. It’s been a stressful ride for sure, especially when your tutors don’t have any faith in you. But I’m now filled with positive vibes and really think its going to happen and we can pull it off.

WORK –  full days of work definitely tend to help you not think about things, I intend to fill my mind with thoughts of selling cutesy overpriced kiddies clothes to doting unsuspecting (of my fab fab selling techniques) parents.

ALCOHOL/BEST GFS/GREAT DANCE PARTY –  Saved the best for last, Friday night here I come and I hope you are prepared for Caitlin-full-of-booze. Although I promise she’s still a classy chipmunk, all wrapped up. Although I do need to think of a fantasy outfit. I’m thinking along the lines of lots of glitter, feathers and cutesy skirts.



4 thoughts on “Busy busy bee (or chipmunk)

  1. I enjoy that underneath your blog it told me a possible related post for me to read was on how to keep bees (like in insects) in the city.

    I digress… I think new name for nasty boys could be bees due to their attraction to pollen (thats why they give us flowers so they can remember where we are by following the scent) and the abiliy to sting right after u touch them.. moral of the story dont touch boys because theyre just using us for our sweet pollen asses

    1. I like this quite a bit Jessica, my sweet pollen ass is not up for grabs anymore, especially for bees.

      Slight digression: The Wisdom of Bees, Voting Systems and Village Dances – I feel this post would be more informative/entertaining (maybe we should read it together and have a giggle session, I am certain it is giving me secret abs), who knew bees were wise, voted in bee elections and had village dances?!

  2. 😀

    Love it! Going to be awesome night. And agreed with the sleeping well part. This craziness means I want to sleep so much, yet I have so much to do it’s so hard to find the time too.

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