Summer summer boy

New position open for summer bf (pronounced ‘biff’)

In other news my fabulous summer will now consist of a Nazi exercise regime designed by my mother to ‘get my body back’.

The Plan – Running and swimming, and also eating next to nothing, this last part is assumed by the lack of food in the house last time I went home.

I can hardly wait. (Mum I know you read this and you should also get sarcasm and not be offended, love you)

In all honesty my body hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s probably grown if anything,  the student lifestyle has not been kind, the stress of practical assignments that keep you up all the time has resulted in a lack of routine and a serious love of chocolate. And who really wants to go outside when its freeeeeeeeezing?

But now that daylight saving and spring have arrived here is to new healthier starts 🙂



2 thoughts on “Summer summer boy

  1. Can’t believe you let your mum read your blog. Are you insane?
    I guess you’re more grown up and less crude than me cos if my mum read my blog, I’d be dumped.

    Shit… now I’m paranoid she reads it… mum stop reading it!

    1. Yes I am a little insane, I have to appreciate her readership as she is 1/3 of my subscriber list haha, sad life much? Plus there isn’t much she doesn’t know hahaha.

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