Graduate plans

So kind of making loose plans on what I want to do after uni, its a bit difficult because once I think of one thing something else becomes a whole lot more attractive.

So far I have working my ass off for a year to save and then travel, starting some kind of PR or Events job in NZ or jumping across the ditch to Aussie for some sun sand and surf. And a better paying job. Which would also lead to saving and eventually travel but in less time.

Or I could just chill and do nothing. This last option is a wee bit sad to be totally honest.

Life is short and I want to pack as much in as possible. Hence my habit of jumping into everything whole hearted.

One thing I have to remember is to not change my plans for anyone, most guys I meet at this age aren’t worth me changing my focus for and I feel like moving is something I should do by myself and travel with a good friend. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t change if someone really amazing showed up. It’s just figuring out if they really are amazing which is the hard bit. I guess I feel like love is a vital part of life and I’ll know exactly what I’m wanting once I get it.

That’s all for now kids I’m tired and I have a new habit of snuggling in my bed watching old episodes of House, it is looking PRETTY tempting at the moment. =]



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