Running Babes

I have been converted by Jess-babe. RUNNING. It’s not all bad it seems.

However! There are a few conditions I require to make it work.

1. Run with a buddy – There a lots and lots of running hotties to check out whilst running yourself, and a friend is required to discuss these hotness levels. Your motivation levels spike to new and amazing heights when there is someone else to force you to carry on even when your heart feels like it might burst into flames.

2. Run around a circuit – This makes it so that you can’t pike out halfway through. Also when you complete it you feel super good for running so far. Example: around the lake in the Tron.

3. Proper Gear – Girls, unless you have the body of a boy you will require a sports bra to run, otherwise shit won’t be good. Running Shoes also go down a treat.

4. Positive thoughts – You must think of the end result; the babe body you will have and fitness levels through the roof.

The Running Queen

Don’t forget to stretch kids!



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