The customer is always wrong. And always stupid.

I hate you customers.

Do you not think at 15 minutes until 6 (closing time) I have nothing better to do than to put through an exchange for your lazy ass that had ALL DAY to come into my store, yet waited until the end; when I could no longer give a shit that your child is TOO FAT to fit a size 2 when she is obviously still a baby….

I also have no time and DON’T WANT TO run around (on my aching feet) trying to a find bigger sizes for your fatty boommy child.

Stop feeding it. And maybe yourself while your at it.

P.S I recognise you too. I remember the LAST TIME you came in with an EXCHANGE at 5:45. AGAIN because your child is too fat for her size. You’re floating down a river called DENIAL hun….


I don’t understand why you leave it till the end of the freaking day! All day to come in and not be a pain in my ass, yet you leave it till closing time when I will without a doubt hate you and not want to assist you in any way…


Stupid. And wrong.


2 thoughts on “The customer is always wrong. And always stupid.

  1. Quit your whinging Princess. Mine come in at six on the banger… as I close the door and say “ohhh… are you closing? I just need to grab a present…”
    People are nothing but c*nts. This is what I have learnt.

    1. I shall whinge all I like missy! Better on here than at work.. ha ha. I despise the present excuse. I always just say “nope too bad we’re closed” and shut the door in their face

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