Good karma

Today kiddies I donated blood. For the fifth time to be exact, apparently this warrants an early Christmas from the NZ blood service.


Not complaining or anything, seeing as I got a cutesy cuddly toy in the shape of a blood drop (he has a big smile), a flashy pen (not one of those 20c jobbies) AND a travel coffee mug (with a slidey bit on the top so your coffee doesn’t slosh out).


Gosh who knew my blood was so worthy!


If you’re reading this and think “Ahhhh a needle!”  MAN UP & stop being a big cry baby. One donation of blood can save up to three lives and who knows when you might need it? I am of the opinion if the only reason you don’t donate is a fear of needles you are pretty damm selfish. (only 4% of the NZ population donate blood… sad face!)


They also have free coffee and bikkies. You’re practically not allowed to leave until you have some so I think that’s a pretty good reason right there!


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