I live for me

Dear bloggy blog. I have missed you so much, it seems like work and uni has taken over my entire life.


Recently had a wee epiphany… I would much rather be alone than with someone I hardly care about. So until that person shows up and rocks my world I am perfectly happy to be alone. Does this mean I finally achieved total self love?

I also luff luff alone time! I am not the kind of girl who likes to be constantly texted and called… if you wanna talk to me talk in person homie. Set up a date! Back to the alone time…. It makes me happy to chill out by myself.. read a book, watch a movie ( at homes b/c going to the theatres alone is a tad silly). But in life there is also a balance… I need friend time too.


Is it selfish to be out for yourself? I don’t think so, we’re all out to get the best for ourselves, but there’s still the select few I’d do almost anything for.. not many of them but they are there.


Recently had a slight issue, not going to elaborate on what exactly but it is/was shit. Did I sit and cry about it? Well a little bit but only for 30 seconds MAX then I got off my ass, went out, charmed my way into a better, nicer, more girly situation. Bit excited for next year now!


Luff from your babe ass Caity.

P.S there is an overload of weirdos at the moment… SAD FACE.



2 thoughts on “I live for me

    1. Thanks! I try really hard to figure it all out, its taken a little while. Trust me I feel hurtsy a lot of the time too… Still feel hurtsy RE: Flowers dude. But gotta pick myself up and get on with it 🙂

      Your too much of a babe woman! I promise the guy for you will come along, he’s just hard to find coz there aren’t many good enough for ya


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