How lucky are you; getting two posts in one day. Epiphany whilst driving home ( from making cookies shaped like dogs at Chippo’s house).

There is a reason I fail fail fail at lovelovelove.

Because ze Universe knows I did not luff luff myself enough to be happy with another.

All I have to do is be happy with myself (which I am), be happy being alone WITHOUT a man (I AM, the ones I met haven’t even been close to making me happy), and then I shall find lurve. Or it will find me.

Another thing I believe has to happen first……

I need to get my life-living/world experiences/career focus parts out of ze way first.  Maybe  I have awhile to wait?


Casually livin' life


Once again, you are all super lucky that I remembered this one ( usually I don’t)

P.S I don’t want to know about either raging babes or raging psychos ( you should watch out though psychopathy is a real thing, thank you House) , this information only makes me feel bad – hence I DO not want it. Inflate your ego some other way.


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