Is it wrong….

Dear blog and blog readers,


I have a question to ponder: Is it wrong to be mean to a boy who was mean to you? If the opportunity so presented itself, and you waited a long long time to get him back? And he totally deserved the meaness of course.


Or are we supposed to be the ‘better person’.



On another note… wtf is up with casually mentioning another girl. Is it supposed to make me jealous? Or angry? Or see how ‘in demand’ you are? Or are you just boosting your ego… Because two can play at that game and I don’t lose.



Chipmunk out.



2 thoughts on “Is it wrong….

  1. Jesus woman- can u get these doodles out of ur life? Ignoring the bejesus outta them is not mean – ur just above their shit!
    If i’ve learnt anything it’s that he’s just not that into you – particularly if he is mentioning another ladybird.
    Never speak to him again. Have I made myself clear?

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