F A C E B O O K.

There’s a movie about it coming out soon (remember I’m in NZ, we get everything months after release date), so htf did it get so damm popular, and why do we spend so much time on it? It can’t be healthy for us can it?

The positives

Marketing/Promotion/Direct customer contact/Events

The negatives ( this is what I really wanted to say )

Facebook stalking – It’s addictive but so bad for you, kind of like crack. The rush you get from hunting down ‘that boy’ and investigating his facey page almost seems worth it until you stumble upon the girl who in real life you wouldn’t even care about, you would probably even like her, be friends even . But in the facebook world you are at total liberty to hate her just for being friends with the boy. And posting friendly comments on his page. All kinds of crazy scenarios play out in your head until you’re insanely jealous for no reason at all and without any real proof.

It’s ridiculous. And no matter how hard we try it’s impossible to stop, it’s just too easy to keep going. And the real bummer is that we as girls KNOW how nuts it is to stalk so rigorously, we KNOW it makes us look like crazy psychos , but like crack, it’s too hard to quit.

I’m pretty sure it also drags out the ‘getting-over-him’ part, it used to be that the less you saw the person, the faster you moved on. But now, you can’t get away! It’s all well and good to delete phone numbers but as long as your still facebook friends the temptation to talk the moment he pops up on chat is still quietly there.

I know what you’re going to say; “why don’t ya just delete the poor bugger?!”.

It’s not that easy.. especially when you’re still using the “Oh but we’re going to be friends” line.

I know we all say it.

And we all still quietly seethe over ‘being friends’.

Peace out kids



2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Fellow Facebook stalker here. It’s a problem. Finally had to hide my ex (because we never unfriended each other). Still check out his page every once in a while. I’m not proud, but the first step is admitting I have a problem, right?

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