New direction

I need something new to write about. e.g. not my essay that I am so lovingly procrastinating.


I think I have exhausted the topic of disappointing kiwi dudes (both nice ones and weirdo ones). I’m even sick of hearing myself whinge about them so I can’t imagine how tired of it you guys must be…

Possibly take a leaf out of this gals blog and tell you all about the ex’s – The ones so far gone all I have is nice things to say about them.


The First BF – We shall start from high school, anything below that age is just silly as they obviously don’t count. There I was all awkward and fresh faced…14 years old. Just a baby in the eyes of the dating world. Although for all my awkwardness there must have been something to attract the boys. There’s a reason I have nothing bad to say about this guy –  he was really lovely and at the young age of 14 there was nothing to be confused and worried about. After a wee bit of innocent flirting in Drama (easily my fave subject at school), there was an exchange of phone numbers, some cutesy texting, hanging out at school, tying up the phone line for three hours every night, and of course some ‘dates’.

After about three or four months though I got dumped (story of my life), at the time I thought it was the worst thing ever to happen in the history of the world but these things happen. Eventually we could talk to each other without it being horrible, all was well and I moved away to my home hometown (called home twice because it feels more like home than the place I grew up does). Next thing I hear him and one of my friends are dating… was I bothered? Not really to be honest, I was well and truly over it (if only it was that easy now) they’re still together now and I pretty much think that’s great ( we’re now 20 ).


Days of innocence long gone huh. Good distraction from my essay for about 20 minutes





One thought on “New direction

  1. Just saw this mention – thanks! Enjoying hearing about the exes. So much easier to write about exes that were so long ago, you can look back and feel like you’ve learned so much since then, find the humor in the situations … if I had the blog after each of my break ups, it would have been an emo mess. But now, I could look back and feel all well-adjusted. LOL 🙂

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