November – month of babes

Kia ora little chipmunks and other various breads of chip.

It’s November my little chippys, the start of summer (almost). And it’s almost time I went home for another fabulous summer in Taupo. Seems like shizz is working itself out for the best.

1. I have a replacement for me in the flat.

2. I found a job in Taupo.

3. The job I found is actually something I enjoy, ie. not pretending to care which dress people buy for their spoiled little munchkin kids.

4. The sun is out, consequently I have the beginnings of a glorious tan.

5. Uni is finto, finished, over, done AND dusted for another year.

6. It’s going to rain all summer. Rain MONEY!

Although I know I have whinged and moaned about my flatmates all year, I find myself strangely sad to be leaving them behind. We’ve had a good year fellas (and a good few months my fellow female), and I hope next year we’ll still hang out =]

The reason November is the month of babes is because of course I was born then! November the 18th bitches… send me gift. LOTS of gifts. Just kidding. Material objects mean nothing to me.

Moving all means packing. I dislike packing A LOT. It’s beaten only of course by UNPACKING. Which is much much worse. I don’t know why the hell I have so much damm stuff. Time to minimise.

The last thing I was going to say… This summer I plan to read  A LOT, and have kicked of the book season with Dracula, by Bram Stoker. Excellent book although it makes it hard to go to sleep at night, especially when I read it on Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, it’s also not a good idea to watch scary things about Jack the Ripper and Vampires in Venice before you go to bed.

Peace out lovelies.


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