November update

Kia Ora! Hello! Hola!


It has been awhile, a long long while, I’m sorry but heres a little update on what I’ve been up to…


I moved! I moved back home for the summer about 6 days ago…. so far been pretty mint, a clean tidy house, peace and quiet so I can sleep! Food I don’t have to pay for…. its all good.

I moved home and started work the next day –  hence the quiet on the blog front. It also takes a freaking long while to unpack properly. My job is one I’ve had before; at a juice and smoothie bar about four years ago when I was in high school and I guess unsurprisingly it isn’t hard to pick it back up again, it’s also a heck load of fun, the day just kind of whizzes past coz we get so busy and theres always something to do. I no longer have to pretend what outfit your cute (actually hideous) kid is going to wear.

I have been reading. Since the holidays I have read two novels and started a third – LOVE it. I read Dracula by Bram Stoker;  a total classic and how vampires are meant to be – scary and mean and to-be-destroyed. I also read a 1950’s novel called ‘On the beach’ it’s about post nuclear war. Set in  Australia, the radiation slowly makes its way to the southern hemisphere and follows the characters in their last year or so of life on earth. GOOD book. Although kind of resurfaces all the fear of nuclear war. Scary shizz.

I went out and bought The Carrie Diaries. I am an avid fan of SATC and figured this would also be good –  two chapters in and I’m kinda feeling like Carrie is my kindred spirit (even more than I thought before during the TV show) and I totes wanna be a writer for a mag ( Cosmopolitan I’m looking at you)

I have improved the skill of ignoring-you-on-facebook-chat. Totally a pro now. Strangely I am still pissed the F off. ( no swearing as Mum has The Pasta Jar). Still tryna figure out why I’m so pissed but I know it does annoy me that there’s no effort to even be friends so a wonder if we even were to start with? Who knows.


Outrageous Fortune finished –  my fave show ever in all the world so pretty much in deep mourning at the moment. Great season and awesome last episode. But I’m gonna miss it.. Time to complete my DVD set with seasons 5 & 6 I am thinking.


Oh and on a casual note…. Its my b’day next week, the 18th to be exact and I shall be 20. No more a teen. Bit horrified really. Apparently it’s all downhill from here. Cough send me gifts cough.

Just playing, some love on facies or twitter shall be fiiiiiine 😉


Love you all and more posties coming soon.




2 thoughts on “November update

  1. Loved the post, and so relieved that you aren’t a twilight freak. I’ve recently launched a site where anyone can anonymously write, read and rate dating stories., check it out and share it with you’re friend if you want. Maybe even post a few stories. Also if you want I can do some free photo editing.

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