I have come to the conclusion that writing requires precision, focus and discipline. Of which I have none. To improve this dire situation I am going to try my best to write topically instead of random ramblings. Not that I’m starting right now. It’s 10pm and wit escapes me at this hour.


P.S. Is it selfish to want to do lots of things? Should I do lots of things or should I do less but do them well… I love PR but I am beginning to love writing more and more. And don’t even get me started on planning events. I still like that too…..



PP.S. This country is beginning to feel suffocating and too small. I wish to leave vary soon.





2 thoughts on “Precision

  1. It is not selfish to want to do lots of things. It is always difficult when you have a passion for or a talent for many things as you want to use it as much as possible.

    I myself want to do lots of different things, without trying to sound like I have a big head, I’m good at lots of things and would hate to not use all of these talents and skills.

    So I say do it. Do as much as you can. And try not to crash and burn along the way (which is the hardest thing)

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