The rest of my life

So I kind of believe in horoscopes. Even though they all tend to say something different, by some chance when I read one, I read the one that’s relevant to me on that day/week/month.

So this weeks one decided that this is the week I should be deciding what I love to do and where I think my future will be going.

COINCIDENTLY I had already been thinking about this before I read the horoscope (see, uncanny huh).

The more I blog the more I like it. The more I like blogging the more I realise I like writing.

However. The curse of the writer is that they think mostly everything they write is shite. I can’t decide if I believe I’m good enough for this shizz or not. Being on a bit of a Carrie obsession lately I think I like what she does ( I know she’s a fictional character but she’s totes my fictional soul mate.) I like the column, the relationship books etc but I just don’t know if I could do it…

The thing is, I have plenty that I don’t write about on here due to people knowing who I am (*need to care less about what people think) and family subscribers curse them.


On the other hand I still really love PR/Events and am trying to figure out if having a blog is enough to get the writing itch scratched, so to speak.


There’s always a chance for change later on huh.


P.S Help me please readers



3 thoughts on “The rest of my life

  1. Love that you love horoscopes just as much as me.

    I enjoy writing a lot too, and I think that having a blog can be an extension of what you achieve in life through your degree. Just my thought.

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