Don’t call me baby…

Something I despise beyond belief is being called cute. But before I get too far into the hate of it there are several exceptions –  me and my friends are allowed to use the word as freely as we want! I do not find myself cute. Cute is reserved for small furry animals and midget friends who make you look giantess when you stand beside them. S I’m talking bout you, you pretty lady.

Me, being a 5 ft 8 in tall 20 year old gal –  not a small furry animal do not meet any cuteness requirements. So when I’m treated this way by MALES it makes me instantly hate you and I will be very mean until your balls shrivel up and die. Whoops.

Not trying to sound conceited here folks but I can tell when you think you’ve got your facebook ‘charm’ goin’ on. And I can tell you think I’m going to be some cutesy girl who thinks your romantic ‘charms’ are adorable and we’ll run off into some cheesy sicko sunset together.

Well maybe not quite that far but you get my point.

Point 1. Facebook is lame. LAME. Chat to set up a REAL LIFE meeting perhaps but otherwise your lame.

2. This doesn’t count if you’re my homie already. Only if you’re some drippy guy on facey.

3. Romance is kind of weird and awkward if I don’t actually like you. So usually don’t bother. * if you’re an exception you will totes know.

4. Stupid cutesy words like muffin and sweetie and hun make me feel icky. I’d prefer it if you spoke like a real human and not someone trying to talk to a baby.

5. I like smart chaps. Converse with me.  Without using baby words. Things I like –  Music, Film, Current affairs, Books etc etc etc…

I know I seem like a bitch. But all you fellas made me this way 😉


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