Six little words

I’ve read the books, seen the movie, heard the excuses that translate into it.

He’s just not that into you.” Ouch, right. Those six little words are the ones we gals will avoid facing up to at all costs. And I wonder why? Obviously the guys can realise some chick just doesn’t like them and they blatantly then move on to the next conquest with little or no bruised feelings.

WHY CAN’T WE? Luckily for you readers I have done lots of self analysis  and had a lot (too much experience) over the years and think I’ve got some of it figured.

Not being liked repeatedly gets ya down at some stage. The logical way to look at is that every guy that doesn’t work out is because he’s not the right one and there’s obviously someone better for us at the end of the road. But as we know, gals aren’t the most logical at the best of times and if we want THAT man then THAT man we shall get. Or at least try.

Is it that we just don’t want to imagine we are unlikable? Would we rather pretend there’s a thousand other reasons why he doesn’t want you than just accept he’s just not that into you? Sure there may be other reasons why he’s not into you but it’s still the Underlying Reason. He might be too busy for a relationship or just simply love something else more ( career ). But the end point is; that if he really liked you, he wouldn’t let you go. And if he did… He’s gonna realise the mistake pretty damm quickly and won’t hang around dithering, he’ll be busy getting you back.

So why do we take so long to get the hell over it? I have a theory….

Love Something Else ASAP. You need to be distracted, with something you love, something you enjoy doing, or even another fella. As soon as your attentions are fixated on something other than the Unattainable Guy, you won’t hardly think about him. Promise. I can prove this works too. At the moment I’m stuck with a ridiculous unhealthy liking. Love to hate you might say. All because I have nothing else to do. He has plenty to do, I know this for a fact –  reason why I’m not a daily feature in his mind.

SO. Obviously I need a hobby.

Writings going well –  it feels a bit more focused and well written.

Swimming –  Good for me, but also gives a lot of thinking time.

Work – Good good good, busy all day.

Photography – it’s been while but watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Six little words

  1. Guys pretend that to get over things easily when in fact its often worse for guys to get over girls who do not like them.

    I know this from having so many male friends and seeing them when relationships end, or when the girl they like turns them down. They are definitely more logical about things and can understand why a lot better than girls but do not feel any less pain than what we girls do.

    Agreed on filling the hurt and pain with something you love however. You soon realise that they do not matter anymore.

  2. I read another blog earlier where someone is still in the depths of despair two months after she discovered he was “Just not that into her”. I hope she sees yours and reads it.

    Men don’t just move on so easily when we aren’t into them, you know. I know of many that are devastated. We women like to think they manage better than us, but they really don’t. Some do, but so do some women.

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