Cold turkey

So being a lover and reader of cosmo, even though its the Aussie one and I realise it repeats itself ALOT and has too many fashion pages (do we really need to see 5 different photo shoots of hot babes in bikinis?) I recently read an article that hit home –  well at least one part hit me vary hard, I shall now QUOTE because we don’t plagiarise here, the bit that hit me, kind of like a stone that a boy will throw at you because he likes you except you’re both 6 and he’s too juvenile to be nice to girls.


Anyway the bit…. written by Zoe Foster, pretty much an author babe right there. “Thou shalt not try to be friends” – “it is impossible to try and be friends with your ex. The only time it has a chance of working is when you both have new partners and are wholly in love with those new partners. This is because if even one % of either one of you harbours feelings for the other your friendship is not actually a friendship –  it is a one sided torture chamber.”


Hello answer to my problematic situation –  THIS is why I buy these magazines, for the times in life when it changes everything for you. So cold turkey here I come. As long as I can make a sandwich out of you maybe I can do it…


P.S here’s a link to her web site:


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