The town of lost souls

My hometown is a strange place folks. People who live here either hate it and leave as soon as they can or stay and lose their souls.

I left.

And now I’m back. (for four months). But even though the girl left, and the bit of Taupo left the girl, I found myself sucked right back into it.

Who are you to make me feel bad Taupo? Why should I care what all you tiny town people think of me? I shouldn’t.. But for some godforsaken reason I do. I try not too, but like I said, I seem to somehow get sucked back into it.

Ya know what? Now I really don’t care. Ima do what I want all summer and you can all get f*cked.


Ciao babes!


2 thoughts on “The town of lost souls

  1. I have exact the same experience. I have recently started taking my bestie and Love of Life there and we create our own experiences there so it has become something new to me and not what it once was.

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