To the high tech future

I got a new phone.

And not just any phone! Here is the point I wish I could say I got an iphone. Sadly no.

I did however get an Android – alternative to iphone, as it is outrageously expensive in ‘Nu Ziilund’, pretty sure it’s a google OS – how long before they take over the world now?

Look how fun we are, on skateboards!

Let me just say. Smartphones =  way of the future.

You can do everything, EVERYTHING I say! on these phones, I can fulfil my twitter and facebook addictions. Thats it.


Just kidding. There’s more to life than twitter and facies…

I can take ‘artsy’ vintage photos, connect to my blog (thats you!), record anything and everything that inspires me, play aweeeesome games such as Jewels , track every bad thing  I eat and what I must do to work it off – this is called exercise,  and finally I can call my besties and hear their angel voices. There’s lots more stuff but cbf writing forever.

In short, I luffs my phone.


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