Stray thoughts

The other day I was rifling through my Mum’s old school magazines – from the glorious 70’s, after I found the pictures of her; one pretending to study, one actually studying, and one caught out eating something that looks particularly interesting, I wondered: Did our parents ever think for one second that their lives would end up the way they have? Did they ever expect to have children? To get married? Divorced? Married again? To lose children? Lose a partner? I know people who have died way way before their time – they never would have thought their time was so limited, surely we never expect these things to happen?

I guess I have a very specific plan for my life, set with selfish goals all for me, I don’t know if I want children, I don’t know if anyone will be able to stand me long enough to want to MARRY me, I don’t know if I can stand anyone long enough to want to marry THEM. I want to travel, live overseas, have several different careers and have a substantial amount of money.

But I can’t tell you if this will all actually happen, I want it enough so I can definitely work hard enough but all those extra outside factors that change things scare me a little bit..


One thought on “Stray thoughts

  1. I’m not sure that anyone gets everything they expect out of life…there are always surprises, good and bad. I guess the key is to not lose sight of your goals, but also to make sure you adjust them accordingly as time passes and your situation changes.

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