Could you please…

Could you please…

Learn to use English correctly?! Does nobody appreciate the fact that we are the only species on earth to have a rich spoken and written language? Language is something to be valued and protected! Only when we lose it will we really know the damage.

You spell things incorrectly when you’d probably use less letters and time writing them to just spell it right. Example; Actualli – Just put a y in there and you’ve got it right!.

Ok ok ok.. I know what you’re thinking… Calm down crazy woman, it’s just a few letter and grammar  boo boos, not going to ruin our entire language.

Yes, you have a point, it’s not such a big deal on twitter, or texting your friends, or even writing down a few quick notes while on the phone, but when people start actually thinking that’s how to spell something or it crops up in school –  be it little kids or big kids taking exams, or when it comes up in everyday business life. Then it’s a problem.

And don’t even get me started on people who argue online and can’t spell. You lose by default.



Peace & proper gammar.




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