You’re doin it wrong…

So lately I think I’ve been going about this dating bizznizz…

The Wrong Way

This may either have to do with the fact I have Shit Taste in Guys or the ol’ fave Stop Looking & You’ll Meet Someone saying.

The guys I should (and everyone else should consider quitting) stop chasing:

The weird/interesting guy

The guy that’s so different, and just plain kooky, you get drawn in, you MUST have him even though every cell in your body is screaming bad idea. He’s got the crazy ideas, the wacky taste in music and sigh.. The Blazer. Why is this such a bad idea I hear you say… Well because he is too weird. Even if he’s not now , he will be. Trust me, you’ll get tired of the wacky ideas, the obscure music and when his blazer’s in the wash he’ll be forever asking to borrow yours.  Eventually he’ll just drive you crazy. Not ideal.

The we were already friends guy

Just freaking trust me that this is a bad idea. One word: Awkward. Unless you are both in the place to really be committed to making it work this will just end badly and awkwardly. Prepare not to speak to each other for several weeks or even months, and when you do, it’s not gonna be the same, anything you would have talked about as friends will now seem off limits or just plain stupid forced conversation. Don’t do it, or just think really hard before you do..

The Ladies Man

This is a little self explanatory, most girls, even if they say they don’t have A Jealous Streak, Yes big surprise isn’t it, not that we are all screaming crazy people who will burn your clothes, but seeing our man flirt with the other gals (even if it’s as harmless as you say it is) does not invite warm fuzzy feelings, and seeing as men Don’t Change, save yourself a complex and walk away, or just don’t go there, least until he grows up.

The Already Taken Guy

Do I even need to tell you why this is a terrible terrible idea? Oh alright guess I do. The taken guy ALREADY has a girlfriend, who is probably a very dangerous woman once she’s scorned. Although I gotta say, if this dish of a man somehow falls for your beauty, wit and charm while still with said girlfriend then it’s not really your fault, it’s his. Just for gods sakes don’t go there while he’s still hers.

Now that I’ve written all this down for you, it’s pretty fucking obvious what I’ve been doing wrong huh. Which brings me to Part Deux : Whats so wrong with looking? Will looking really prevent you from finding a Decent Bloke?

I think NOT. Obsessively hunting and searching for a man is a turn off and probably isn’t going to work, as all the Decent Blokes are gonna be scared off, but I really don’t see the harm in casually keeping an eye out for one, do you? If one wanders past me looking like my idea of an early Christmas I’m going to hope I was looking out for him not burying my head in the sand.



So I realised after posting this, and after talking to a couple of friends I missed out two very important Don’t-Dates, so here they are


The guy who makes you feel like shit

Yep this guy really sucks, and the trouble is you usually fall for him before he starts acting like a total ass, so you end up making excuses for your behaviour. I don’t have any real sure fire way to avoid this fulla but try to give the relationship at least 3 months before you declare undying love for him, try figuring out what kind of person he is before it gets serious and Most Importantly, if you’re still with him and he’s treating you like crap, remember your a Babe and deserve better, then kick him to the curb… Fast.

The guy who maybe, if you were bored, and there’s not much else to do(as bad as it sounds)

So this pretty much explains itself? Oh you need clarification? Ok, I’m sure all of you know a few guys who you maybe, might be attracted to, if you were bored, or drunk, or just plain thought you might see what happens. Let me tell you, this is a terrible idea, restrain yourself. It will be awkward and you’ll just end up hating yourself for going there, because lets face it, you deserve more and you know you do. You deserve a guy who makes you giggle, blush, get butterflies and who makes you go weak at the knees, as clichéd as all that sounds, deep down that’s what we want, to feel head over heals. And this guy isn’t going to give it to you.



8 thoughts on “You’re doin it wrong…

  1. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is the fact that originality is pretty limited. There are billions of people in the world right now and billions lived before us so it seems like any thought or idea I come up with would have been thought of by someone else some other time.I’m not sure why I felt like sharing this idea, but I guess I just wanted to say that people can always be placed into a category because there just is a limited way to describe someone. I wouldn’t want it to make you miss out on someone great… Although you’d probably not care what the person is when you meet the right person.

    1. Another way to look at it – most of these qualities are kind of like deal breakers, taken – no go, treat me like shit – no go, ehhhh weird/no communication(which was kind of what I missed in the weirdo one, theres plenty of weird guys who are actually lovely) – no go, but on the other hand I’m totally open minded towards guys, looks aren’t the major issue for me. ehhh any of that make sense? 😀 Also thanks for sharing Nate ( can I call you Nate?)

  2. Umm… where were you three years ago to tell me not to “fall in love with your best guy friend who is actually a flaming homo”…? Hmm… you really let me down there Caity skatey.

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