Let me dictate…

So petals, today I had a big Self Realisation Moment.

I have control issues. There I said it… I’m one of those awful people who must oversee every single thing and force everyone else to do things My Way. I do realise this can sometimes be a good thing, under my watch shit ALWAYS gets done but today someone told me they were going to organise something, not even a major thing and I panicked, because according to my ‘knowledgeable’ brain , no one else could possibly do things as well as I could, and HOW could I ever trust them to do it right?!

At this point, I fled to google, who informed me that I have a Type A personality, and I should try to do something to control myself as these people tend to lead shorter less enjoyable lives. Cue freak out.

Pretty soon after that Logic took over ( ah I love you logic), so maybe I’m not such a hopeless case after all. All I need to do when I feel panic come on is Calm Down… Easier said than done so step 1. Breathe. Step 2. SAY: Other people are just as capable as you, you do not have to do everything, it’s gonna be fine. Easy peasy?


Peace and love and kittens, annnd please remember I’m not a horrible person, I just need to control, like, everything.



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