It’s my liiiiife (and yours)

What are you doing?

Stop. Everyone stop. Stop what you’re doing.

Is it what YOU want to be doing? Or is it what you think you should be doing? Is it what everyone else thinks you should be doing? Did everyone else tell you what to do? Did you let them? Why?

Probably coz you’re scared. Of what?

Being alone. Peoples opinions of you. Being judged. Not doing the ‘right’ thing with your life.

What a stupid thing to be scared of.

What’s so bad about being alone? You can get to know yourself – the most important person in your life – It’s been repeated a shitload but you will NEVER be happy with anyone until you can be happy with yourself. Alone. Doing things alone. By yourself. Becoming an in-de-pen-dent person. You can’t rely absolutely on anyone but yourself in life and the sooner you all realise this, the sooner you won’t be constantly disappointed*

Why do you care so much what other people think of you. Suuuuure, there’s times you should care, when it’s important but why the hell do people care about what others think of them when they’re doing the most mundane stuff like walking to uni, or buying food, or shopping for clothes. TRUST me, you’re not that interesting to most people and they are ALL too absorbed in their own lives to care what you’re doing. You’re just making life harder and sadder for yourself.

Doing the right thing with your life means you should be doing something that makes you happy. You should be doing something you enjoy. Why would you want to spend your life doing something you hate every single day? Find something you love and find a way to make it make you money. Then just love your life.

So just please go out there and NOT care, do what you want to do without fearing others –  because who are they really -, stop being a sheep and following the crowd. Most importantly, just go and have fun people!

*Don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely pessimistic, people help other people out all the time, and it’s great, and you can for sure rely on people to get things done but in the end everyone is still also only out for number 1 – themselves.


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