Resolutions, just 3 months late.

So I don’t usually make any New Years resolutions. Everyone makes them. Everyone tries really hard for about a week. And then everyone fails at them.

Well this year I have decided to take a different approach to the situation. I spent 3 months not really trying to do anything, just seeing where the year took me, what kind of bad choices I made that I should attempt to be changing this year. This is what I have come up with:

1. A cliché but a good one : Exercise and healthy diet. I have figured out by now I have little or no will power, so if I take the stress out of crazy dieting and weight loss my freaky self is more able to deal with it and actually DO it. So yes, I’m joining the gym on ‘sale day’ and have decided to not cook with boys this year (no more boy food and boy portions). I just need to kick the sugar habit.

2. Binge drinking. I know none of you believe I can actually do this but after dropping my phone and losing my battery on Saturday night(hating myself for pure stupidity), purely from being a very very drunkmunk I no longer think it’s worth it. The pain of the next day was also a deciding factor. I literally thought I was going to die. This doesn’t mean I’m swearing off alcohol forever, just cutting down and drinking in a more manageable way.

3. So I really don’t believe in 2012 but just in case I’m going to take every opportunity that I’m presented with. Be it career, financial, romantic or just plain doing-what-I-want related, count me in. I’m keen.

4. Not-giving-a-f**k. A lot of the time other peoples opinions about you count very little. I no longer care about bitchy girl dramas, and all the stupid little things. I’m going to live my life and you can either like it or not.


I already can’t wait to change my life.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions, just 3 months late.

  1. Well done Caitlin, hope you can stick to this… I mean you’d hate to see yourself on police 10 7 as one of those drunken girls in the street they feature now and again! Good for you… love Mum xxx

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