You reap what you sow

Funny how when I do things wrong, I get stuck in a huge shit storm of drama and problems, then I write about it, tell you what not to do and save you an entire learning curve, just because I did it first.

Aren’t you lucky.


Recently I have learnt all about the REALITY of karma, positive and negative actions and the consequence you receive.

I’m not going to go into length about what’s been happening but here are some rules I’ve come up with:


1. If you play mind games with a guy you like do not be surprised when he returns the behaviour. Remember; you did it first…

2. Don’t screw around with Love-Karma. Seriously. Steal another girls man and it comes right back around. And it’s really not a good feeling when it’s happening to you is it?

3. Be on your best behaviour romantically speaking. I’m not kidding when I say all my fails at love are due to something I did when I was 16. Venus is making me paaaay for it!

4. Be nice to people. Imagine going for an interview for your Perfect Job and your potential boss is someone you tormented, or bitched about, or -horror!- if you had stolen ‘Her Man’. Yep guts for you, you ain’t getting that job darlin’!

And one more Rule I think is a good idea. Because it’s just a good way to avoid drama.

5. Communicate. Bloody hell people, problems do not solve themselves. So talk about it, work it out! Help each other work it out! Put yourself in their shoes. And just lighten up.


Love you. And listen to me. Always.


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