The Chipmunk Dictionary

This dictionary is subject to change and additions.So check back on a daily basis.


Chipmunk – The original, when you laugh so hard your whole face screws up like a chipmunk. You get very prominent red cheeks and often breathing is impossible. Laughs tend to come out like little squeaks.

Chippo – A cross of a chipmunk and a hippo. Acceptable nickname for your best friend.

Chip – A shortened version of Chipmunk. Also an acceptable name for your best friend

Sluzzmunk – A chipmunk that behaves in an unacceptable manner towards boymunks. Makes other munks look like prudes when really they are just classy.

Boymunk – A boy chipmunk. If a chipmunk likes a boy he may get this nickname until he becomes a serious fixture in her life.

Classymunk – A chipmunk that respects herself around boymunks. The opposite of a sluzzmunk.

Sleepymunk – A chipmunk that has spent too much time, studying, partying or being popular and is now very tired. She may fall asleep in class.

Grumpymunk – A chipmunk may call her friend this if she has a short fuse and snaps at her fellow munks, usually this is a result of being a sleepymunk. Chipmunks should try not to be too hard on her.

Sadmunk –  This type of chipmunk is usually the result of a boymunk treating her like dirt and not like the princess she should be.

Happymunk – A chipmunk in an excellent mood. The day is like a big shiny rainbow.

Studymunk – A chipmunk that attends university and must spend a lot of time doing work. This type of munk usually emerges in late second year to early third year. Almost never seen in first year.

Hungrymunk – When a chipmunk is starving for her dinner. A chivalrous boymunk may either make her dinner or take her out to eat.

Lazymunk – A chipmunk that cant be bothered doing anything. She can usually be found wearing grey fat pants that are several sizes too big for her.

Smartmunk – When a chipmunk has studied very hard she will become a smartmunk. They can be found gloating over their consistent A+’s.

Lovemunk – A chipmunk in love.

Funnymunk – When a chipmunk tells hilarimouse jokes that make everyone around her laugh.

Writermunk – A chipmunk that excels at the skill of writing. She usually has a fair amount of wit floating around in her brain too.

Richmunk – When a chipmunk comes into a lot of money, she is deemed a richmunk and is the envy of all her poor student friends.

Poormunk – A chipmunk with little or no money spare for adventures. Usually the result of spending too much money on clothes or sadly, bills.

Artmunk – An honorary boymunk, usually found with a face full of fuzz and saying odd but interesting things. Likes to be a writermunk too.


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