The cold harsh honest truth

Sometimes I think the hardest truths to accept are the ones we have to tell ourselves.

The ones that we know deep down are true but are just so hard to accept, that when you finally do they tear you up a little bit.


Every girl sometime in her life has a point (usually there’s many many many points in her life like this) where she has to sit down in a little bit of shock because she’s just realised that the hope she had was false, it was full of air, like a bubble it was always going to burst, it was just a matter of time. She realises the guy that was ‘actually really nice’ or ‘just in a bad place’ just plain and simple doesn’t want her.

And he’s probably not ever going to.

And we can tell each other that it’s his loss, he just totally can’t see how great you are, you’re so much better than him and there’s PLENTY more fish in the sea.


But the cold harsh honest truth is that he doesn’t want you and its gutting.


Love you pumpkins.



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