Campus Fashion

[I have started writing a weekly column about fashion on my university campus. Thought it might be kinda neat to post it up here as well so others can give it a read. And if you read it but didn’t know I was writing it, well, now ya do!]

Hey. Hi. Hello. This is a new column all about fashion on campus. Somewhere along the way I became qualified to comment on fashion, so here we are.

So: fashion. In my opinion, Hamilton is not a great place for fashion. This city lacks creativity, individuality and inspiration. I’ve come to notice when we see someone rocking their own individuallook however out there it may be, we don’t tell them how crazy cool they look (which they do), we don’t even comment to your friend about their outfit, wishing you could pull it off.

We mock them. That’s right. We mock them for being who they are, and let me tell you… the rest of us do not look flash enough to be kicking round insults to the individually dressed.
So every week I’m going to be watching all of you, noticing what you wear (the good, the bad and the horrendous) and then writing about what I saw! Maybe if you look exceptionally flash you could get a picture in the Nexus. So dress up.

Since this is the first one I’m just going to let you in on a few things that I don’t want to have to seefor the rest of the year.
I know this was written about recently by Mr Minty Fish, but I doubt many of you can even remember what you ate for lunch yesterday, so you need to be told again. Stop. Wearing. Leggings.As. Pants. They are not pants. They are not flattering. Most of you (myself included) do not have thesize 6 body capable of wearing them as pants*. If in doubt do two things: Look at what you plan towear with them; does it cover your ass? Yes? Proceed. Do your leggings turn your stomach into amuffin? Yes? Stop, abandon your outfit, buy bigger leggings or join the gym.

Yes this is really how you look from the back. NOW do you understand?

Lace and other see-through materials. I enjoy lace a lot when it’s used properly. When it’s not Ialmost want to cry, or abuse the person abusing lace, depending on how I’m feeling. LADIES: uselace and sheer fabrics carefully, it should add sex to your outfit while still being classy, so here’ssome tips; don’t wear tired looking pieces – if it’s torn throw it out. Wear something other than justa bra under a sheer top – I’m certain I don’t need to explain at length, it just looks a bit trashy. With lace especially – make it the key piece in your outfit, don’t give everyone a headache looking at you. Make sure the rest of your outfit isn’t sheer. Stop wearing those tops that have the extra lace bitat the bottom – I remember when they were cool (for a very short amount of time) and that wasapproximately 8 years ago.

*If you are a size six or have invisible body fat and own leggings made of something awesome like leather, go ahead and rock that shit.

(NB) I did NOT use this image when printed, found in google. Used for emphasis. Because I can.


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