Some more ranting

Today petals I got pissed off. This post may involve some swearing so… CAUTION (now you can’t say I didn’t warn you).

This morning at 9am I trotted along to my most mundane class, quite proud of the fact that I was up, showered, fed, watered, and at uni to print off my lecture notes at 8:30 in the morning. When I sat down I was informed that no, the stupid little grammar quiz that’s only worth 2%, WAS NOT today, instead it was tomorrow and today we had a guest lecturer. This fact put me in even higher spirits than I was already. If you can imagine such an event..


As soon as this lovely man started talking (ok he was talking about printing, not that exciting but beats grammar by a long shot) I began to hear some strange noises. I wondered for a few minutes what it was and why it was making me so angry.


I may have looked a little like this


It was girls in my class whispering. Let me just inform you girls, that whispering is not a silent activity. People can actually hear you. And it pisses them off.

Sitting at the back doesn’t make you any less annoying.

Talking in a low voice doesn’t make you any less annoying.

Whispering really fast doesn’t make you any less annoying.

If class is that boring for you here are some ideas:

1. Don’t come.

I know I may sound a little preachy here but we’re adults now, and at uni for a reason, so fuck it.

I pay quite a substantial amount of money to come to class and learn, I really don’t need you sitting behind me ruining it for me.

Guest lecturers are guests to our uni, talking the whole way through their class is so disrespectful. These people take time out of their busy work day to prepare an hour long lecture for YOU.

The least you can do is shut up and listen.



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