Nice guys finish last…

Lets kick off the post with a song. You can listen whilst you read..

Boys. I hate to say it but I get frustrated with the nice guy.

Go ahead. Cry, tell me that you’re nice because that’s what you’re told all the girls want, and then they think you’re TOO nice and you can’t win…

Yes I know my loves. You are told that. But the truth is. We just love a bad, mean boy.

I like games, they’re exciting, I still like to know I’m going to get him in the end though.

So pull my hair, punch me in the arm, argue with me. Because I know I’m not always right, so if you’re agreeing with everything I say, I. Will. Get. Bored.

Be mysterious.

Be a man.

Be chivalrous.

Stop being ‘cute’.

Show me what’s going on mister!

I always want what I can’t have…


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