A little light in my life

The other day my dears I found myself in a mad rush around town attempting to find appropriate screws for my brand new license plates.

The reason I have new ones is a long sad sob story.

Ok its short. But it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Some scumbag stole my old ones. And I’m just gonna say I LOVED my old plates, I had finally started to remember them off by heart and they were part of Stella’s (yes, my cars name) identity. And someone stole that identity.

I felt violated to say the least.

But that wasn’t meant to be my story. My story WAS that during my expedition to find a screw (haha can’t let that joke slip by), I came across a wooonerful deal on tealight candles.

Hot wax and fire. Sex anyone?

Yes giggle, point and laugh at me. I know. Tealight candles. Such an airy fairy girly thing to like. I laugh at hippie girls who have smelly candles, wear crochet and fur. And no bras.

But I bought them. And was pleasantly surprised. For the following reasons:

  • They smell like vanilla and strawberry. Hello? YUM!
  • They make my room look romantic and sexy. Even when there’s no one for my room to be sexy for. At least I know if need be, my room can quickly become a haven of wild sex appeal.
  • I wont be stuck if the power goes out again. I can just pretend to be a pioneer woman.
  • Secretly I find them a little dangerous. Fire! In my room! Yes, yes I do enjoy walking on the wild side.
  • Even more secretly I like the fact I might end up being a wild hippie woman from the 70s. But shhh
Candles are clearly under rated, and it’s up to me to show you all how obviously cool they are.
– Caity

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