2011 Guide to Romance Part 1

Romance has died ladies. And while I’m a fan of feminism, and I love where it’s gotten us in what used to be a ‘man’s world’, we have also shot ourselves in the foot with it, so to speak.

Somewhere along the way amidst the shortening of skirts, the getting out of the home, the rising of pay, and the excitement of voting we forgot that we like our men to act like gentlemen. And because we forgot, they let it slide too.

Lets start with the basics. Who asks who out?

He asks you out m’dear.

The male, as he loves to tell us, likes to chase things. Namely skirts.  And yes I know he also loves to tell us that it’s ok to ask him out, that he in fact likes it … But, he likes chasing more. I’m not forbidding you from ever asking out a boy, sometimes it’s cool, but its also cool (a little bit cooler) to show a bit of interest and then let him run around in circles wooing you.

Every girl loves it when a guy takes the time and effort to chase her.

Most of the time (at least 90%) if you ask a girl out, she’ll say yes. You just gotta do it right. No more texting. No more facebooking. NO more ‘poking’. No more tweeting, emailing, or commenting. Pick up the phone and call her. Stop her in the street and ask for her number (break the ice with a compliment first). Confidence and respect are key guys, us girls are mega attracted to it. The percentage of guys that actually have the nerve to ask a girl out in person is looow, so it’s a real buzz for us when a guy does it.

"Ask us out... Stud.."

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