2011 Guide to Romance Part 2: The Date

Hello boys! (and girls)

Sorry for the delay, hopefully you haven’t asked a girl out and then left her waiting for two weeks while a new post never arrived from me…

Upon successfully asking a girl for her number you must then figure out where the hell you’re going to take her, and what the hell are you going to do?! 

Firstly; it doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion! Take her out for coffee, or lunch, or breakfast (everyone loves breakfast especially if they can order something exciting like French toast or pancakes).

The point of going out on a date it to get to know the other person. Because right now, you don’t know them and they don’t know you.

If you’re feeling extra creative and you know you share an interest, go and do something a bit different; take her for a hike(if you both like the outdoors), or go to the zoo(most girls will like an abundance of animals).

Try to avoid activities like going to see a movie – going to the movies is great for friends or for someone you’ve been with awhile, but it’s a bit pointless in the dating stage; how are you going to get to know someone if you sit there not talking for two hours?

If you’re only free during the evening you don’t have to turn into a sleeze ( no more “Come and watch a dvd at mine at 11pm” lines), go out for a couple of drinks or take the girl out to dinner.

You’ll soon find it’s not as hard and scary as it seems; the best advice I have for you when choosing the date –  Just be genuine, choose something low key or something that reflects YOU, as long as you’re honest and not cliché she’ll like it.


One thought on “2011 Guide to Romance Part 2: The Date

  1. Sadly, I judge a guy by his ability to organise the first date. If he takes charge, deciding date and time and choosing restaurant/venue etc then I know that I will be interested in him. I love a man that takes charge.

    If he takes me to the zoo… he’s got me hook, line and sinker…

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