Care Bears Advice : The boy is mine?

The Question:

I’ve been seeing this guy for a while and I like him and he likes me, our relationship isn’t official but we always act like we are. The problem is that I know he’s seen someone else and tried to hide it from me, but still gets angry if anyone else shows interest in me or if I kiss anyone else. I want a relationship from him but now I’m confused as to what he wants from me.

Share Bear says:

In my opinion, this guy is having his cake and eating it too. You deserve better, you deserve someone who is going to give you his entire attention, not just when it pleases him.

If you have already talked to him about wanting a relationship and he has said that he is happy as is, he clearly wants to sleep around and also thinks that you will be fine with it, won’t stand up for yourself and leave. He is walking all over you. And you are letting him do it.

Leave, stop talking to him, and focus on yourself for a while. He will realise what he is missing out on. And if he comes back to you and is willing to be committed this time, think it through before you jump right back in.

Love a Lot Bear says:

Are you staying with this guy because you’re happy to settle for his casual commitment or because you really like him and are hoping one day soon he might change his mind? If it’s the latter it will only end in tears…

If you want more from him you have to let him know. Tell him what you want, see what he wants and if it’s not going to match up I would advise you to cut off the relationship, at least for now.

This way you know where he stands, he knows where you stand, and you can get on with your life.

Relationships will only work if both people want the same thing, otherwise it’s a one sided torture chamber disguised as a relationship. Everyone deserves a functional relationship where they can be happy, if it’s not working out cut the pain and move on.


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