International Fashion

It’s hard being a student, trust me I know. We attempt to live on next to nothing, get to live in the crappiest houses, and have to share those crappy houses with several other people just to afford the bills.

And here I am every week telling you that your wardrobe is crap and you should go out and buy new clothes. “With what money” you ask! “I have none! I’m trying to live on rice and noodles this week, how am I going to afford clothes?”

Easy peasy. Say there’s a group of you girls who love your fashion and want some cute new dresses/skirts/pants/tops/etc but shopping in Hamilton, New Zealand is a bit dull, and you all end up looking the same anyway, even when you all have different senses of style.

There is an answer.

Online shopping In the USA/UK; they have opposite seasons to us so at the moment while we’re going into winter, they’re coming out of it and have clearance on all their winter stock. Cue cool clothes at bargain prices, which no one else here will have.

I know the shipping costs seem huge but if there’s a group of you who all want to buy something, you can split the cost between you all – so it’s really not that much – especially if the clothes are all on sale.

I know a few girls who buy things through these sites and always have some amazing clothes, and because the sites do international shipping the sites tend to have accurate size charts and the option of returning if your item is the wrong size.

Where to go?

  1. (UK) one of my favourites, I currently have several dresses lines up to buy.
  2. (USA) They have some awesome bargains when their end of season comes around, but keep checking it out for sales anyway.
  3. (try the AUS/USA/UK versions to grab some sweet bargains) It’s just like trademe but a hundred times better!
  4. (they have a shop in Auckland too) Just awesome.
  5. (USA) Can vouch for this one, a friend recently got some really cool clothes from here, shipping didn’t take too long either.

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