2011 Guide to Romance: the triumph of A Nice Guy

So do you all remember a while back when I wrote that post about loving bad boys and how nice guys finish last?



Turns out I was wrong and I had to eat a rather large serving of my own stupid words. They didn’t taste good, a bit inky and sharp to be totally honest.

I have come to realise something ladies..

‘Bad boy’  is  just a term we give to a wanker when we like him too much, or think we can fix him, or vainly hope he will change for us. Its an excuse so that we don’t have to feel so guilty and disappointed with ourselves that we fell head over heels for an asshole.

I know that it seems like every guy that comes along is just a repeat of the same old jerk that we’ve been dating forever but one day a nice guy will come along and literally sweep you off your feet, you just have to be ready to be swept.

So this post is really for you girls, the ones who are stuck in a dating rut; you have a type that you always go for, and it never seems to quite work out, but you’re so stuck in your vision of what your guy needs to be that you never give anyone else a proper chance.

My advice, no my command, is to let the nice guy take you out. He’s not boring, he’s not vanilla, he will most likely have things in common with you, and the best bit; he’ll tell you every day how gorgeous you are and never let you forget it.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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