This week happened, and I learnt some things.

So another week happened, and somehow I learnt some shit.

1. I have no type. Or maybe I do and it’s just fucking random.

2. Watching Jenna Marbles is a legit way to spend Sunday am. Girl is hot and funny.

3. Wishing you were Jenna Marbles is bad for your self esteem on Sunday am.

4. Those new Anchor milk bottles are the biggest, most obvious marketing ploy I’ve ever seen. The fridge is light proof yo.

5. I’m smart for getting a 2k HP lucky I got my mac when I did. Tried to turn on my old laptop this week and nothing happened. Nada. Not even a wirr.

6. Sometimes the best songs have the weirdest lyrics.

7. The best way to fill the gap finishing a TV show leaves in your life is to start another show. Preferably with more than one season already out.

8. I’m shit at taking advice. Basically I already know what I’m gonna do so I’ll ask any number of people what they think until I can get at least two to say they agree. If two people can back me up then the plan’s all go yo.

9. I have kinda amazing girlfriends.

10. I will never ever get freshly pressed if I keep swearing. Meh.


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