30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2: How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Two years ago I was in a relationship, now I’m not.

So there’s that.

Haha actually now when I look back at it it’s like I was on a train in a dark tunnel with no idea how long the tunnel was or how fast the train was going. So now it’s much better, and I’m much happier. I learnt a lot about what I should not (can not) put up with.

I choose to eat more fruit and veges. So I’m turning into an adult. I used to eat weird stuff like cheese and bacon shapes for dinner.

I am waaay fitter, and way more into being fit and healthy (see more fruit and veges).

I finished uni with a degree and got a pretty kick ass graduate job working for a top menswear brand.

I find myself less judgemental of other peoples choices. The baby and marriage thing in my early twenties is not for me (and I’m not sure the baby thing will be ever), but for friends of mine that are doing it, instead of thinking “holy sheeeet there goes your life!” I think “Hey, that’s not for me but it works for them and they’re happy”. And then proceed with life.

I’m able to put myself first more. I learnt the long, hard way that if someone in your life is making you feel like crap it’s okay to cut them out. It’s my life and I should be happy.

I appreciate my family more. At the end of the day they’re the ones who are obliged (blood bond ftw!) to love you no matter how many mistakes you make.

More negatively, I have these weird 20 something existential crises where I think about every facet of my life and panic that I will never amount to anything and no one will love me ever, and what if one day I do want a baby and no one wants to make one with me. Two years ago age milestones like 25 and 30 seemed ages away and I did not have a crisis every other day.

So yeah, I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways I’m different but that’s what comes to mind right now. 


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